Professional partner for clinical studies

A partner for research and industry

OKIDS sees itself as a professional partner for clinical studies in all areas of paediatric indications.

Studies can be comprehensively supported due to connection to both the university clinics for paediatrics and the Coordinating Centres/Centres of competence for Clinical Trials (CCT) at medical universities and specialised hospitals.


At OKIDS sites we support ...

... study initiation and management, contracts, insurance processing, monitoring and pharmacovigilance. The services of OKIDS are aimed at clients from the pharmaceutical industry as well as researchers and networks from the non-commercial, academic sector.

We also act as a link ...

... between the world of research and the industrial sector.

Whoever our clients are, our primary aim is always independent studies of high scientific quality that comply with national and international guidelines and regulations and that can be expected to create value for our patients.

Our services

We have a unique paediatric research network at six locations in Austria in which experienced children's hospitals and universities throughout Austria (two in Vienna and one each in Graz, Salzburg, Linz and Innsbruck) have joined forces.



OKIDS is also intensively involved at the international level and is a partner in important transnational organisations.

International Network


As a national hub forming an innate component within this highly specialised paediatric research network, we offer the complete handling and organisation of paediatric medicinal product studies:


  • Feasibility Check: assessment of the feasibility of studies in Austria in collaboration with the paediatric centres involved.
  • Contract management for paediatric medicinal product studies: together with the clinic/contract management interface, the locations ensure rapid contract review, taking centre-specific features into account.
  • Central, expert coordination: benefit from a single contact point at the respective site created through OKDS for all aspects of the study and uncomplicated integration of all necessary partners on site. The teams at the sites offer extensive experience and consistency.
  • HR services: rely on competent experts from all specialist fields who are familiar with local conditions. The OKIDS locations will help you to select the study staff you require.
  • Advice and services provided to clinical trial teams at paediatric centres: trained and experienced staff is an aspect that plays an essential role in the successful conduct of clinical trials. Training courses on the subject of clinical trials are offered on a regular basis at the OKIDS locations in Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck, Linz and Salzburg.

OKIDS supports investigators in successful study implementation

Only highly trained study teams conduct clinical studies in compliance with GCP and guarantee the generation of high quality data.

Within the OKIDS network, investigators and study nurses can find a wide range of training opportunities in the field of clinical research, ranging from GCP courses, workshops and individual lectures to university courses. As a client you can thus be sure that only highly trained experts supervise your study.

Thanks to cooperation in the network, successful recruitment strategies are passed on between the investigators, and specialists in private practice are optimally integrated.


Contact us!

The headquarters of the network in Vienna manages the service portfolio and coordinates the operational centres at the Vienna, Graz, Salzburg, Linz and Innsbruck locations as a national hub. We look forward to hearing from you, and would be very happy to personally discuss how we can help you in the field of paediatric medicinal product research:


Project management: Andrea Mikolasek

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