Every euro of support means a meaningful and important investment in the health of our children and young people.

Reliant on financial support

In the first phase, OKIDS was financed in the context of a public-private partnership from funds of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Health, from the “Joint Health Targets from the Framework Pharma Contract” (first grant ) funds and by Pharmig (the Association of the Austrian Pharmaceutical Industry).

Co-financing was then provided by project application (second grant by the “Joint Health Targets from the Framework Pharma Contract), funds from the sponsoring companies within Pharmig and through participation in EU projects.

Since June 2020, funding has been provided by means of direct contracting with funding companies and Pharmig, the second grant by the “Joint Health Targets” and through EU projects. We offer various support models for sponsoring companies (e.g. donation applications, specific projects for grants and applications or sponsoring of events) as well as different sponsoring packages.

Sponsorship packages

We offer interested companies different levels of sponsoring models (silver, gold, platinum). If you are interested, we would be pleased to hear from you.

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